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NIH Public Access Policy, MyNCBI, and NIH Biosketch: Generating New NIH Biosketches

What is SciENcv?

  • NCBI tool to easily create NIH biosketches in the new format
  • Pulls information from eRA Commons (awards), MyNCBI (publications), ORCiD, previous biosketches, or manual entry

SciENcv Features

  • Citation and award lists are completely customizable and able to be edited
  • Multiple biosketches can be generated per person; an investigator can have a sketch for each project
  • Biosketches are exportable in PDF for easy inclusion in grant applications
  • Sections of biosketches can be reused; the education and award sections can be copied from one profile to another

Using Word to generate biosketches

Introduction to SciENcv

Tips to get started (and finished) quickly with SciENcv

  • Step 1: Go to MyNCBI and ensure your PubMed citations are in 'My Bibliography' and link to an eRA Commons account (if you have one)
    • This will link your 'My Bibliography' citations and eRA Commons grants to your new SciENcv biosketch
    • Visit the MyNCBI Guide to learn how to populate your bibliography and more
  • Step 2: Go to SciENcv and create a profile using 1 of 3 options
    • From scratch - hand enter your profile information but auto link to your 'My Bibliography'
    • From an external source - Pull in profile information from eRA, ORCID, or NSF (this method is currently not recommended due to the quality of imported information)
    • From an existing profile - import profile information from an existing SciENcv biosketch
  • Step 3: Select 'New NIH Biosketch' profile type and click 'Create'
  • Step 4: Edit your New NIH Biosketch to include your citations, grants, and peer-reviewed publications
    • Don't forget to include a narrative about your scientific contributions with up to 4 citations
    • You can download your new biosketch in PDF, Word, and XML formats

If you have any questions about using SciENcv to generate New NIH Biosketches, please do not hesitate to reach out to the library at