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OverDrive & Libby e-Books and Audiobooks: Getting Started

Access hundreds of popular fiction and non-fiction ebooks and audiobooks courtesy of the Cornell University collection

OverDrive & Libby App Intro Video

Welcome to OverDrive & Libby


Welcome to OverDrive & Libby e-Books and Audiobooks

(Courtesy of Cornell University Library)


OverDrive platform and Libby App allows current Weill Cornell Medicine students, faculty and staff to check out and download popular fiction and non-fiction e-books and audiobooks on their devices for leisure and educational reading. 


There are multiple options for accessing ebooks and audiobooks:

  • Formats: Kindle and EPub formats for ebooks & MP3 format for audiobooks.
  • Read or listen online directly through your computer browser with OverDrive Read.
  • Install Libby app to download books to a computer, phone or other device.
  • Use your Amazon account and either a Kindle device or app to download Kindle formats.
  • Install Adobe Digital Edition if you plan on downloading the EPub format to your device


In addition to Cornell’s OverDrive offerings,  New York State residents may also apply for a New York Public Library Card, Queens Public Library Card and/or a Brooklyn Public Library Card to access their OverDrive content as well as other online resources.


This service is not available to NYP-Weill Cornell users.



Getting Started

Getting started is easy! Just follow these simple instructions:


For your privacy, please use OverDrive and Libby on your personal devices (desktop and mobile)



What you'll need:

What do you need to enjoy free instant access to digital ebooks and audiobooks?

  • CWID and Password
  • Internet Access
  • A smartphone, tablet, ereader (Kindle, Nook, etc) or desktop/laptop
  • The free Libby app, which can be downloaded for free from your device's app store (links below)
  • DUO installed since it may be required for off-network/off-campus users
  • Adobe Digital Edition if you plan on downloading the EPub format to your device


Borrowing Privileges and Restrictions:

  • Titles are automatically expired/returned at the end of the lending period. No late fees!
  • Check out up to 3 titles at a time.
  • Borrow titles for up to 7, 14 or 21 days.
  • You can place a hold on 3 titles at a time.
  • Time items stay in cart (before checkout): 60 minutes
  • You can return an item before the due date.
  • Most OverDrive ebooks are single-user titles like physical library items, if an ebook is checked out, you place a hold on it or wait until it is returned
  • Ebooks can be downloaded but individual pages or chapters cannot be printed.


LibbyApp (By OverDrive) for iPhone, Android, Tablets and Kindle


Download Libby App


On your personal devices, you can also download the Libby app (Apple, Google Play, or Amazon Kindle) and access with your library card (CWID and Password).  Your library card will automatically sync your web version and any mobile versions of Libby.

  1. Install the Libby app from the app store on your Android or iOS device.
  2. In Libby, follow the prompts to find/add a library, enter Weill to find and select Weill Cornell Medical college under Conrell University then select "Weill Cornell Medical College" sign in with library card account using your CWID and Password.
  3. Browse the digital collection and borrow a title.


If you are already a Libby user with another library:


  1. Open the app and click on the "menu" button that consists of three parallel horizontal lines (displayed as ≡) in the bottom menu
  2. Click Add Library to add Weill Cornell Medical College .




OverDrive Web


Connect to Overdrive Web


On your browser, click or go to, OverDrive should automatically recognize the Cornell University Cornell Library.

  • Click on the  “Sign in" button
  • Click on the dropdown box and select "Weill Cornell Medical College” from the library list
  • On the  WCM SSO page, select "Weill Cornell Medicine"
  • sign in/authenticate with your CWID and Password 
  • Browse the digital collection and borrow a title.


LibbyApp Web


Connect to Libby Web


On your browser, click or go to, Libby should automatically recognize the Cornell University Cornell Library.

  • Click “Sign in With My Card"
  • then select "Weill Cornell Medical College” from the library list 
  • sign in/authenticate with your library card using your CWID and Password
  • Browse the digital collection and borrow a title.




OverDrive e-Books and Audiobooks in OneSearch


Search for titles in OneSearch


  • If you find an OverDrive e-book or audiobook in OneSearch, click on the OverDrive e-Book and Audiobooks link
  • Follow the instructions above to borrow


Quick Tips:

If a title is not available, you can place a hold.

  • After you place a hold, view your spot in line by going to your Shelf, tapping Holds, then tapping Wait List.


You can view your place in line for a hold.

  • After you place a hold, go to Shelf > Holds and tap the calendar icon. You'll see your approximate wait time, the number of copies in use, and the number of people waiting.


You can save time by saving your preferences.

  • Tap Preferences at the top of your library's home screen, or at the top of any list. Adjust your filters and default sorting option. Tap Apply Preferences.


You can explore more book recommendations.

  • Tap Explore at the top of your library's home screen to discover your next great read. Search by subject, popularity, what's available, and more.


You can add more than one library card.

  • Tap the Libby icon in the top right corner, then tap Add a Library. You can search by name of zip code.


Need Additional Help?