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Preparing To Publish: Pre-Publishing: Content

Pre-publishing: Content

Depending on the work you’ve done, there are several ways to format your publishable work. Some common examples are:

  • Research findings

These reports are documents presenting original data that you’ve collected and analyzed through primary research resources such as surveys or experiments, rather than published documents.

  • Project report

This is a formal record of the entire process you undertook to complete a project or study. The report is the place where you bring together and summarise your thinking, process and creation that helped you to complete your product. It is important for the reader to understand why the work was done and how the work was done,  providing all essential details for critique and reproduction.

  • Review article

Review articles summarize the current state of understanding on a topic. A review article surveys and sums up previously published studies, rather than reporting new facts or analysis. This includes systematic reviews and evidence based research.

  • Editorial

Editorial content is opinion based, and analyzes content through professional experience rather than producing new evidence. This can include letters to the editor, thought pieces, news stories, and opinion pieces.

  • Case reports

Describes individual instances that showed an unusual or unexpected event. Case reports are good for documenting rare events and studies of harm or unwanted events.