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Data-Intensive Research: Home

This guide covers data services and resources available to the WCMC community.

Intro to Data-Intensive Research

Data-Intensive Research is a phrase used to describe the data revolution currently being witnessed by the scientific community. Data-intensive research requires researchers to work as a team to solve complicated problems using data extrapolation.


In order to continually address the complex needs of researchers doing data-intensive work, this guide provides links to both physical and virtual data-related resources and services to assist in managing, analyzing, visualizing, and preserving data throughout the entire research process.

Quick Links

The following links are located in every tab of this guide in the right-hand column for your convenience.

TED Talks

Making Sense of Too Much Data Play list of ten presentations given at conferences for the organization, Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED). These talks explore practical, ethical, and visual ways to understand near-infinite data.